Why The Enterprise

Why The Enterprise?

Where you market your company is one of the most important business decisions you can make. The Enterprise delivers award-winning coverage of the Utah business community. Our first-rate editorial and research team provides comprehensive analysis of the community’s economic scene.

Each week CEO’s, senior managers, executives and owners turn to The Enterprise. They rely on our in-depth coverage to identify trends, local market forces, detect emerging competition and uncover new opportunities.

Given the connection we have with our readers, advertisers receive direct access to the decision makers ready to purchase and use their products and services. It is this direct link that has made The Enterprise such a wise and cost effective advertising investment for companies trying to reach the Utah business community.

The Enterprise debuted July 1971. Its subscription is currently 4000, which translates to approximately 20,000 readers. As mentioned, it is comprised mostly of potential client companies, business owners, managers, professionals, banking and financial executives, and investors in business. Its readers represent a very definite segment of Utah’s total market.

No wasted dollars are spent reaching people who have neither the authority nor means to make a buying decision for their company or organization.

We are confident that the advertising you place with us will be one of your most intelligent media investments. Deliver your marketing message to Utah’s most influential readers in the state’s most valuable business tool- The Enterprise Newspaper.

Who's Reading The Enterprise?


  • Owner/President: 48%
  • Manager: 23%
  • Supervisor: 3%
  • Other: 26%

Company Size

  • Fewer than 100: 75%
  • 100 - 999: 18%
  • 1,000 & above: 8%

Buying Power

  • 89% Influence purchase/lease of any service
  • 84% Influence purchase/lease of any product
  • 76% Influence company policies


  • 16,000 to 20,000 Readership
  • 4,000 Copies distributed
  • 4.4 Readers per copy

Subscriber Study Profile

  • 76% Male, 47 years old (median age)
  • $150,450 Average household income
  • 61% consider The Enterprise their primary source for local business news.


  • Attended college: 33%
  • Graduated from college: 32%
  • Received post-graduate degrees: 18%

Amount of Weekly Enterprise Read

  • All: 38%
  • More than half: 41%
  • Less than half: 20%

SOURCES: the Network’s Beta Research Subscriber Study Dan Jones & Associates

Key Benefits of Advertising in The Enterprise

  1. The Enterprise is not an advertising medium for the masses. Enterprise readers represent a very definite segment of Utah’s total market. Audience is the first benefit for Enterprise Advertisers. The Enterprise is not for everyone.
  2. Enterprise readers are primarily business owners, executives, managers, banking and financial executives and investors in business. Because our news is about happenings and changes in the Utah business community our readers are of that community.
  3. No wasted dollars are spent reaching people who have neither the authority nor means to make a buying decision for their company or organization.
  4. Cost per thousand is comparable or less than the mass media daily papers for comparably sized ads! This benefit derives directly from our tabloid size. It takes fewer column inches and less money to achieve a page-dominant and, as a result a highly read advertisement.
  5. Another advantage is the unusually high pass around ratio (4.4), which The Enterprise enjoys. It means you receive an additional four readers to every subscriber on which your advertising rate is based, about 20,000 readers in all!
  6. As Salt Lake’s only business newspaper, The Enterprise serves as an important conduit for new products and services which affect business. As with other non-consumer publications, advertising is often as valued by the reader as news content serving as a quick and efficient means of analyzing those products and services. This “marketplace” characteristic is one of the strongest supports for Enterprise advertisers.
  7. Subscribers receive and read The Enterprise at work, in a frame of mind that is highly receptive to a multitude of selling approaches.
  8. Your advertising is never next to irrelevant copy. The narrow scope and defined market segment which The Enterprise enjoys virtually guarantees your advertisement maximum readership.
  9. Both the content of the news we print, and the regard our readers have for its value, translate directly into benefits for advertisers. Those benefits are analogous to the care you exercise in choosing where to live. The “neighborhood” in which you advertise is as important as the neighborhood in which you live.
  10. Finally, advertising which appears in The Enterprise is read and acted upon by educated people who are economically sophisticated. The ads are read and acted upon by the powerful minority who control the bulk of Utah’s investment capital and disposable income.